Athens, Ohio is an amazing town to explore that is home to some of the most diverse selection of restaurants in the state. With over 36,000 hungry students enrolled at Ohio University, it has brought a large amount of unique cultural foods and restaurants to the city. With an amazing selection of so many different restaurants to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect restaurant your looking for, that’s why we at Campus Heights decided to compile an incredible list of the best restaurants in Athens, Ohio.

Avalanche Pizza

Avalanche Pizza has some of the best pizza in Athens. Avalanche Pizza is a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant that serves fresh pizza with locally sourced ingredients. Avalanche pizza makes a great place to share a delicious fresh pizza with some friends and family.

Thai Paradise

If you’re craving some amazing Thai food, then you have to check out Thai Paradise. Despite their name, they sell a lot more than just Thai food. This great local restaurant features a large menu with a ton of options to choose from, like their delicious crab Rangoon’s, Kung Pao chicken, and a ton of other Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese style foods for you to enjoy. Thai Paradise is a must-try for anyone who loves Asian food. 

Restaurant Salaam

Restaurant Salaam is a local upscale Mediterranean restaurant that serves up a variety of different Mediterranean style foods. Restaurant Salaam features an extensive menu with lots of different menu items to choose from. Some of their amazing Mediterranean culinary creations include their famous lamb chop, coconut chicken curry, and Mediterranean pasta. Restaurant Salaam also offers a variety of different soups, wraps, salads and more to choose from. This is a great Mediterranean restaurant to check out for some fresh and authentic Mediterranean food.

Cutler’s Restaurant

Cutler’s Restaurant is an upscale American style restaurant that has some of the best American food in town. Cutler’s Restaurant serves up a variety of amazing culinary creations like their famous New England style crab cakes, pistachio-crusted Scottish salmon, and southern ravioli. Cutler’s Restaurant also offers a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options for their customers, like their vegetarian impossible burger melt and their gluten-free BBQ braised pork shank. This restaurant features an upscale modern feel and would be a great spot to enjoy some dinner with some friends.

Jackie O’s Public House

If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves some of the best brews in town, then you have to check out Jackie O’s Public House. Jackie O’s Public House is a brewery and restaurant that serves foods and beers that come from their very own local farm! This brewery features a large and extensive menu of different types of brews that they offer. They also offer some amazing culinary creations with a ton of options to choose from, like their delicious deep-fried pickles, a large selection of pizzas, burgers, and even vegetarian entrees. This is a great place to bring a few friends to check out this awesome brewery.